Piano Solo Live @ Street Piano Festival Caorle 2022

Live concert Piano Solo @ Street Piano Festival Caorle - 2022

Some tracks from my albums "Island", "Metamorphosis" and "#Introspective released by RNC Music - Milan - .

Original music composed and written by Gabriele D'Alonzo

Thanks to: The Orchard Music, Red Beat Music Distribution (for RNC Music) Daniele Labelli Comune di Caorle Longato "Pianoforti" and all collaborators and staff!

Info and contacts info@gabrieldalonzo.com https://www.gabrieledalonzo.com https://www.rncmusic.it https://open.spotify.com/album/2v4iJgzwngEK8QrX2dj1Km... https://www.facebook.com/introspectiveproget/

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