Grado Piano Days 2019 - 16.08

Some pictures from my last Live @ Velarium for Grado Piano Days 16.08.19 ph Cristiana Damiano and Daniele Pantanali Grado Piano Days

Peaceful Piano Vol.2

Thanks #rncmusic and #zyxmusic who choosing and included 3 tracks from my album, #metamorphosis in "Peaceful #Piano vol. 2" Click the links Peaceful Piano Vol.2 ZYXMUSIC

Metamorphosis @ Riserva Alberoni 10.08.19 - Staranzano - IT

Great Live and beautiful surprise to see a big audience and new fans who listened to my music at Riserva Alberoni , August the 10th, 2019, for San Lorenzo's night "Starry Night" (Vincent Van Gogh) on my piano cover created by Alessandra Spinola, my cousin! Thanks to Celeste Malignani and Francesco Taddei

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