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Lounge Factory Vol. 9

Great Playlist from RNC Music Italy on Spotify, follow the link to listen to my music on!

RNC MUSIC on Facebook:

Friday, I mean last #Friday, or #GoodFriday, got to see the #light our most recent #compilation : #DanceFactory Vol. 9 #great #tracklist and first good #reactions for some of the #tracks on #Beatport

We were waiting to see if #Spotify and #iTunes were going to upload it but apparently here's another fiasco from our #digital distributor.

Here's a few links anyway:

Ros Manica Gioia La Pittu Camposano Joan Marsal Ventura Marsal Ventura DJ Capde MASTEROUT Vuonnala Kei Kohara Drozďo & Demex Elvia Raffaella Delbarba Umberto Behboudi Baltica Danny Valen Nicolas Molio Estela Martin Marcos Rodriguez Kevin Manero ARLON VIBES Uri Farré Edmondsski Vladimír Bryndák Dj Gabdez Wall Music Records Nikholas Murphy Goran Balta DJ KOLESKY Alleko JOSE AM GNIX David Ros for more news visit


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