#Introspective on Spotify by RNC MUSIC!

E anche il mio primo album solista #Introspective è entrato nella famiglia RNC Music il 03.04.2020. Grandi soddisfazioni :) Grazie :)

Il link diretto dal sito www.rncmusic.it

http://www.rncmusic.it/index.php… Buon ascolto!🎼🤩


From RNC MUSIC POST on Facebook:

what's new on RNC Music

Yesterday we had three new releases:

Rik Spin feat. Anny Six "Reverse sensation" a peculiar dance track with a stunning, unique video

http://www.rncmusic.it/index.php?id=767 DJ One feat Frannie_el "Blind" from one of the key #European #dj's, immediately #TOP10 in #Austria https://open.spotify.com/album/2eCASHzXou90En6GTdcT7K… Gabriele D'Alonzo "Introspective" a re-#release of this #fantastic #contemporary #piano #album already licensed to #SouthKorea #Japan and #Taiwan http://www.rncmusic.it/index.php?id=768 Ros Manica Gioia La Pittu Camposano Giovanni Cocco Ilaria Verona Jay Park Sang Young Lee Eugene Otsuka Dmitry Seregin RDS Records Ana Barbăroșie Caraivan Mihnea Dan Muraru Jean Amsallem Gert Holmfred Gert Holmfred René Michel Francisco Junior Oren Kristal Easy Coutiel Nurhan Dulgeroglu 金革唱片(Jingo Records) Leonard Tan Victor Tan Hong Chee Dino Mileta Vladimír Bryndák Ashley Gay Andrew Mitchley