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Musician. Pianist. Composer

Soundtracks - Ambient - Electronic - Piano

Pianist  - Composer

Born in Monfalcone – Gorizia- Italy, in 1979. 
His relationship with music started when he was about 13 years old.

His first performances were with the early young pop-rock bands in the late 90s’ which deepened this passion for music.
He began creating music very soon after starting classic piano studies feelings his appreciation of different styles. 


During the years he has continued to play in local bands and had many collaborations experimenting in different genres and styles. Today his musical style is contemporary and spontaneous  based mainly on the piano. 

The music is characterized by veiled melancholy, a romance highlighted by emotional notes, melodies that distinguish and showcase his character and personal style.

His debut solo album entitled “#Introspective" released on the 8th decembrer 2015, is inspired by this character, the mood and feel is influenced by the events, situations, sensations and perceptions that are part of Life…

To be continued...

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